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More and more governments requesting businesses like food and drink establishments to keep track of their customers in case a contact tracing procedure became necessary.

As the request is valid to reduce the COVID-19 spread, it also brings you many practical difficulties, like paperwork, apply to the legal part to destroy the documents after 15 days, train your staff etc.

When signing up on our platform, you reduce the work and administrative headache.
  • Your customers don't need to install an app.
  • No QR Codes (not all people know how to scan)
  • Transparent towards your customers, including history.
  • Super easy to trace your customers, following the legal rules.
  • Data is deleted permanently after 15 days automatically.
  • Easy to export to Excel in case you need to provide the data.
  • Your & your customers information is never sold to third parties.

Pricing: FREE

As COVID-19 already had a severe impact on yours and many other businesses, currently, we offer the solution for free.

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